Free & Low-cost Marketing Communications(Marcom)to Reach Your Best Prospects

Here’s my big fat promise

I’m on a mission to help improve the marcom of everyone who follows me, my associates, and my affiliates. I want you to know me, like me, and trust me–and the people with whom I work. Like  Fredy the Flasher, I believe in total (almost) transparency. I believe marcom is serious business, but there’s no need to be stuffy about it. It’s a fun business.


And I believe no guru has all the answers. And you should, too. But I promise to help you find answers that will improve your marketing effectiveness.


So, like a good Boy Scout, on my honor I will do my best to do my duty to help improve your marcom. And, I promise never to promise that you’ll get rich if you follow my advice–but it could happen!


(As you’ve noticed by now, I’m also on a mission to use the word “marcom” in place of that old “marketing communications” label.  It means the same thing, saves space and it’s faster to say or type.)

Jack Rawlins

(Some folks call me Smiling Jack. I like that; but if you see me on a plane

please don’t say “Hi Jack!”)


Effective marcom starts with the right attitude You can't be a wuss.

When David tangled tush with Goliath,  his ammo included   macho gonads, the right tool and the right technique. He proved the little guy can be a winner.

My experience and that of my affiliates can help you carve a niche in the marketing world.

In the days of the Wild West, the Colt 45 was a great equalizer. Today, in cyberspace, knowledge, strategy, using the right tools and techniques   are the ammo that separates the winners from sinners. 

We can help you win.

Here's my call to action...

1. Sign up for my free blog/newsletter. On my Scouts’ Honor, I’ll do my best to provide you with tools, tips and techniques to improve your marcom.

2. Visit,  this sites’ “Marketing Communications  Resources Depot” page. It’s a “go to” directory of products and programs to improve your marcom.

3. Do it now. Why wait? Take action!

Free! Gratis! "On the House!"

“Marketing Ammo for the Little Guy” is only a few pages, but you will find it contains ideas you can use, or ideas you’ve already used and needed to be reminded of so you can use them again.

The format lends itself to physical filing, too. It will welcome your personal additions.

 For example, your personal swipe file of good ideas you can adapt and use without being a plagiarist. (That’s not stealing; it’s smart marcom.)