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Free & Low-Cost Marketing Communications for Startups, Small Business & Organizations

Some folks call me, "Smiling Jack". I like that, but if you see me on a plane, please! please! don't yell "Hi Jack!" If you do, you'll get us bounced.

But please say "Hello" so we can visit and tell one another what we do and what we'd like to do-- and how to get it done without spending a bundle.

Here's how we can help you...

The Right Tools,
Technique & Strategy

Proven Affiliate Products
& Programs

      When David stomped Goliath’s hinie,  he did so because he had the right strategy, tools, and technique–plus something all marketers need–brass  gonads… the hutzpa  to make it happen. 

    I’m an affiliate marketer…a middle man, who finds and promotes products & programs  that I know will  make good things happen and improve your marketing communications.. If you buy any of the programs  or products I recommend I get a commission.  And it does not cost you one penny more.

Marketing Communications Resources Depot

 Our resources depot is where you’ll find what you need for free or low-cost marketing communications. Many of our affiliates offer free training programs that teach effective marketing communications. The depot will save you search time, money, and aggravation. One of our guiding principles is : “Tell them quick and tell them true, or they’ll just say, ‘The hell with you’ and click on their way.

Why Work with Us? Here's Why...

Complete Transparency

Like “Freddy the Flasher,” we are completely open. We would never make it as poker players. ( When I was teaching my dog to play her give-away was that she always wagged her tail when she had a good hand.)

We’er not big on big secrets and believe honesty and openness  is a virtue that builds trust & success . One hand should always know what the other is doing.

Save Time & Money

I hate to waste money– my money or that of anyone else. I’m a money miser, or missionary. I like to save money and preach about saving. Free is one of my favorite words and there’s lots of free  programs about marketing communications. We’ll help you find them. You can dink around  cyberspace for ages before you find what we’ve already found for you. Fast track before you invest. 

Second Opinions

A second opinion can be good for your financial health and improve your marketing communications. Especially when those opinions are from those who have been there; done that.  My affiliates and I have, and are still doing it.

The hubris of DIY because they think they can has cost many a business their business. 

Meet a Few of My Marketing Communications Experts Who Change Lives. Click Their Photos to Learn More about What They Have to Offer.

Joan Stewart Publicity Expert
Mari Smith Social Media Expert
Mark Coker Publishing Expert
Jerry Lukas Media Expert

Folks with whom I've worked in the last half century as

account exec, sales rep, mfg's agent, consultant, or freelancer

The Vineland Times Journal;  Nemarow Advertising Agency;  Keen Mfg.;  Galagher Advertising ;  Trade Publishing;  Mark Forest Advertising;  The Fox Co.;  Progressive Marketing Service;  Cooperative Feed Dealers;  American Stone Mix;  Liphatech Industries;  Biovance Technologies  and Triton Industries.

I know it looks as though I couldn’t keep a job. But each change was a vertical or horizontal move  where my    primary job was marketing communications. With that many companies and years of experience I had to learn a lot, even if I wasn’t paying attention. But I did pay attention & have continued to study  and practice the art and science of marketing communications. 

Baseball great, Satchel Paige once said, “If you can do it, it ain’t bragging”. Well, I can do it. And, help you do it, too. 

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