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When the lady next to me in a tavern  saw my name tag “Jack Rawlins Freelance” she asked,  “What do you write?” (Yes, I wear my name tag during happy hour.) I said, “I’m so glad you asked. “ And I was, because it triggered my elevator pitch.

I answered,“I write marketing communications (marcom) content and plans to motivate people. First,I get their attention. Then I get their interest. When they’re interested, I  build their desire by explaining how my product, service or program will benefit them. And then– I ask them to take action… like place an order, give me their email address,  ask for a quote, or hire me for a job. 

“Sounds easy,” she said. 

Later, before I  explained the many hats I’ve worn and still wear, I paused.  I wanted this lady to know, like and trust me. Those are three goals of effective marcom.

 So I quoted baseball great Satchel Paige who once said, 

                          “If you can do it; it ain’t braggin’!”

O.K., I won’t let modesty keep me from blowing my own horn. I’ve been there; done that. Some things better than others.


Where I've Been & What I've Been Up To

1941-47   Part time, family’s  gas station and ice cream store

47- 48     Assist. Mgr. produce dept. local A & P

48-52    USN, Service School & Korean War

54-61   Temple University Evenings,   B.S. Journalism & Marketing

52-55   State of NJ,  Stationary Engineer

55-58  Vineland Times Journal,   Display Ad. Account Executive

58–62  Nemarow Adv. & PR Agency,   Acct, Executive

62-65   Keen Mfg.,  Assist. Sales & Ad Mgr.

65-66   Gallagher Adv.,  Acct. Executive

66-70   Trade Publishing,    Assist. Ad Mgr. & Account Executive

70-74   Mark Forrest Adv. & PR  Agency, Acct. Executive

74-95   The Fox Co.,   Communications Mgr. of  In-house Ad & PR Agency & Territory Mgr.

95-98   CFD, Mid-Atlantic Territory Sales Mgr.

98- 2001  Biovance Technologies  Marketing Communications Mgr. 

Looks as though I couldn’t keep a job, but each move was upward  and a step up in salary and experience, It’s been an exciting journey and it isn’t over yet.


I am both a freelancer & an affiliate marketer

As a freelancer… I have a lot of company.The world is full of freelancers. And they (we)  can save you money, while we help you earn money The term free lance has been traced back to Sir Walter Scott’s novel Ivanhoe (1820). In  the story, a feudal lord says, “I offered Richard the service of my Free Lances, and he refused them–I will lead them to Hull, seize on shipping, and embark for Flanders; thanks to the bustling times, a man of action will always find employment.” And we still do.

 Also, as a freelancer,  I get to choose with and for whom I want to devote my time and talents  to help startups, small business,  & organizations with their .marcom.

 As  an affiliate marketer…I’m a middle man. I don’t collect or handle any money, but I help those who do. An affiliate marketer is paid a commission for helping others sell their products or ideas. Those we represent do not charge  extra for our service because we are like a sales force…a sales force for whom they don’t have to pay fringe benefits. In other words, we generate sales for them without all the overhead of their own staff. Here’s how it works: Affiliates are supplied with a unique link. We publish  these (coded) links via social media, websites, blogs, and other venues.( No, you won’t get a discount if you bypass the link. We earn our keep and our principles want to keep us happy–and productive.)

There's more than one way to skin a cat

The channels and marketing communications tools available can be mind boggling. Yet each one represents an opportunity. Pick and choose the wrong ones, though, and you can pee away a lot of your money and dilute your message.

A marketing communication tool/channel  can be anything from: radio, TV , print, out of house signage (airel, billboards, kiosks), website, social media, handouts, flyers, point of purchase advertising; personal selling, direct marketing, sponsorships demos, events,publicity,  public relations, trade shows and exhibits– and there’s more.

That’s why you need IMC, Integrated marketing communications  strategies to optimise the channel(s) you choose to use. My affiliates and I can help find the right ones..

This little brief is very brief–about eight pages. But it contains a lot of good advice. And it’s not about the yellow brick road and a promise of riches.

Rather, it’s a  few things–important things–about marcom that I picked up along  my long  way that I’m anxious to share with you.

So. please sign up and belly up to a buffet of marketing communications knowledge.

Copyright (C) 2019 Jack Rawlins Freelance

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